Belt Cutting Machine

Many different types of  cutting blades guarantee a perfect cut of vegeables, fruits and salads.


Capacity depending on products and cut from 300 - 4.000 kg/h.

Universal Vegetable Cutting Machine

A large variety of blades with the new draw and cut technic.


Capacity depending on model and type of vegetable max. 1.500 kg/h

Strip - Cube - Slice Cutting Machine

Suitable for vegetables and fruits


Capacity 300 - 3.000 kg/h

Manual Grid Cutter

Cores, cuts, divides, slices vegetables, fruits, salads and cheese

Pneumatic Grid Cutting Machine

Large number of optional grids, for vegetable and fruits.


Capacity up to 2.000 kg/h

Pneumatic Stick Cutter

To cut vegetables like potatoe and carrots into sticks of various sizes.


Capacity up to 120 kg/h


Spiral Cutting Machine

To produce decorative endless vegetable spirals in different diameters


Capacity up to 20 kg/h